Balance From Chaos

Promotion for GILED MANE"The Gaia Collar is my sustainable leather interpretation of the the Dissent Collar worn by the late Supreme Court Justice, Ruth Bader Ginsburg.  Justice Ginsburg epitomized modern female empowerment by transforming the legal system from within, and utilized her position to implement meaningful change.  The same institution that once upheld discriminatory voting rights in Minor v. … Continue reading Balance From Chaos

Native Fashion Now

Just as Columbus-era Native Americans developed techniques for working with the colorful Venetian beads that they acquired through trade, the skills of their descendants have also evolved to reflect the latest innovations. In Wendy Ponca’s dresses that are inspired by the “Sky World,” she blends fox fur and bald eagle feathers with crystals and Mylar, a reflective silver material found in space shuttles.

Desperately Seeking Sustainable Style

 "Looking back in History, we see that the origins of fashion portray the character of a world built by manual techniques and natural fibers. Design was carried out as a reflection of culture and society. These are the images of an extinct world we need to recover.”   – Adriana Marina, Founder of Animana Necklace by … Continue reading Desperately Seeking Sustainable Style

Trend Report 2013: Contrast & Flights of Fancy

Most things have been done before so what makes for an interesting composition can often be a purposeful arrangement of recognizable parts... the juxtaposition of two different or opposing concepts into a single form to create something entirely new, or when 1+1=3! There are various thoughts relating to opposites and the dynamics that arise when … Continue reading Trend Report 2013: Contrast & Flights of Fancy