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90’s Revival

When we look in the rear-view, it is always the most outrageous moments that end up defining an era. The twenties flapper, eighties punk rocker, and nineties grunge bands represented small slivers of the population, but now seem to epitomize the decades in which they were the outlying occurrences. I

Beacon’s Return

BEA-CON [bee-kuhn] – A guiding torch for the world weary traveler, also the name of a town in New York State that lies sixty miles north of New York City… The town was originally named for the mountainous terrain that lies just southeast of the main thoroughfare. During the Revolutionary War,

Trend Report 2013: Contrast & Flights of Fancy

Most things have been done before so what makes for an interesting composition can often be a purposeful arrangement of recognizable parts… the juxtaposition of two different or opposing concepts into a single form to create something entirely new, or when 1+1=3! There are various thoughts relating to opposites and

Trend Trafficking

There is an inverse relationship between trends and originality and leaning too much in either direction means running the risk of becoming obsolete: a person can either succumb to the pressures of conformity, forfeiting one’s point of view along the way, or lose relevance to a world that demands constant

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