Haute-Mind is for curious and discerning minds, conceived and executed in response to the deluge of information in our technology based world. Words and images are our mediums and with them we aim to capture, express and reflect the complexity of the human condition. We approach every subject with the belief that style is not limited to fashion, and that substance can be unearthed in even the most unlikely of places. Haute-Mind was created by Ashley Rabin, a writer, fashion designer, photographer and synthesizer of seemingly disconnected things.

“When you’re little, the bigness is in you and when you’re big, the littleness remains.”  – a young Christian Rabin


The ultimate goal in life is SELF-RELIANCE. The appeal of the United States has always been the promise of ownership and self-governance. It is the MYTH the continues to draw the downtrodden to our shores. Whether you create your own life, or exist as an appendage to someone else, depends on the strength of your VISION. Do you see things in black & white or can you recognize complexity, the many facets of DIMENSION? And for the first time in history, women are free to accept or reject the traditional GENDER ROLES. It is just one of the many TRENDS that are setting the stage for our continuing evolution. So whether you decide to go with the flow of the mainstream or nurture AUTHENTICITY is entirely up to you, but you always have a choice!

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  1. Hi Ashley.. You write – I read – it flows.. and it’s fun to read.. Is Sandra supportive or your worst critic?.. lol.. Kiss her for me please


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