“There is a tendency towards singularity, but it is the uncommon ground that gives sentient experiences its dimension and size. We would be nothing and have nothing without it. We forget such things in the midst of divergent extremes, feeling as though we have to choose. Unfortunately, the adult world is filled with the tedium borne of unyielding absolutes. We are constantly being bombarded by either or scenarios, to be a Republican or Democrat, to follow passion or settle for security.”  Trend Report 2013: Contrast & Other Flights of Fancy

“Not only is Contrast fundamental to human experience, but to our expression of it as well. Photographers, architects, and filmmakers, must consider figure vs. ground, light exposure or deprivation, form vs. open space…It is also a theme that is woven throughout many of the current trends: Black & White, Masculine / Feminine, High / Low, Soft Structure, Fit & Flare, Role Reversal, Fabric Mixing, East to West and Tribe Meets the Western World.”  Trend Report 2013: Contrast & Other Flights of Fancy

“This sense of being “more than one thing” is the essence of what it means to be a modern female (career & family) and a creative-minded business owner (product development vs. sales). Even though Gail came to Beacon by chance, the location affords her the best of two worlds. The country setting feeds her desire to create, while the easy access to the city means that she can stage pop-up shops, expanding her brand visibility through unique opportunities for sales.” Beacon’s Return Part II: Siren’s Calling

“I use the phrase Literary Arts because it encompasses history, religion, philosophy, psychology, politics, anthropology, economics, science, and the arts. It is a construct larger than any single discipline… Mentoring leads to an opening up of the self as one journeys into what is there but not yet known on a conscious level. It leads to discovery. One must interact and have a relationship with all that exists so that learning can continue. If it begins and ends with you, you’ve gone nowhere… The Literary Arts also helps one to see how everything is connected. Each individual has a unique point of entre, journey, and discovery, leading to self-knowledge, tolerance, and interest in the journey of others. Hence, a genuine respect and love for mankind, even when one disagrees.”  Sandra Rabin: The Mentor is In

“Our culture’s belief system has a tendency towards absolutes, but for Matthew and Heidi Benson, life is an experiment. They are Americans by birth, Europeans at heart, and authentic in their approach to life… As the “creative director” of their environment, Matthew has created an energized space that promotes the cross-pollination among his preferred disciplines, blending mythology with history and engaging the senses through stunning visuals, aroma, and taste.”  Matthew Benson: The Seductive Farmer

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