“Women are still navigating the tricky terrain of gender equality in a male structured world. As much as some people try to pretend otherwise, men and women are different, mistaking equality for sameness. But despite the different roles we play, we may not need to try so hard to understand the opposite sex. According to psychiatrist Carl Jung, one of the many levels of consciousness is host to an inner personality called the anima/animus and it is always of the opposite gender. It may be a much smaller voice than the one we are normally accustomed to hearing but still wants to be acknowledged nonetheless. So while I appreciate ruffles and lace, I like to offset their overt femininity with darker colors and masculine tailoring.”  Trend Report 2013: Contrast & Other Flights of Fancy

“There are many words with which to degrade the female, punishments for behavior that is far more acceptable in our male counterparts. Men get called playboys and bachelors, while the list of derogatory names for women is as long as it is varied. And while occasionally women have been granted positions of immense power, they still had to conform to the Patriarchal model to which we still adhere.”  Beacon’s Return Part II: Siren’s Calling

“They are young women who have had the freedom to act like man-children and have somehow managed to become the worst of both. But its not entirely their fault. No one ever pulled any of them aside to say that they have a responsibility to their fore-mothers, who fought for the freedoms we currently enjoy. We have opportunities that our grandmothers and great-grandmothers could only have dreamed of, but that are also the result of their efforts. I have never been told that I cannot do something just because I am a woman, but men and women are still inherently different. With the passing of the torch, our challenge is to succeed in a world that was designed by men, while maintaining the characteristics that make us unique.” Girls in the Years of Living Dangerously


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