“It takes a lot of imagination to lead a fulfilled life.”  Matthew Benson: The Seductive Farmer

“It is only fitting that [Juliana Lazzaro] should turn her attention to dressing women, since her feminine intuition is the compass by which she orients most of her decision making, from the epic to the everyday. In fact, I would go so far as to say that it is her greatest strength since that is, after all, what art is all about: having a sense of what is possible and then giving it a tangible form. Within the last few years, scientific, esoteric, and new age circles, have all spoken of the power of intention, how the viewer is not separate from life but an integral aspect that has influence over it. The recurrence of this theme causes it to appear credible but it still seems like a vague notion to me until I think of Juliana. She is living this principle, an artist who creates and then sustains herself through vision and resourcefulness.”   Juliana Lazzaro: Art in Motion

“In terms of vision, all Matthew had to go on was the feeling that he could “build a world of his own making, that was not borrowed.”   Matthew Benson: The Seductive Farmer

Bianca had always known that she would be a writer, and her wardrobe tells the story of her journey from Julian Schnabel’s assistant to published author. Just like Louise – the character she fabricated – Bianca’s own journey began in a vintage shop. There is something about sorting through the sartorial relics of time’s past that carries the potential for self-discovery. Unlike the dictator stance of current trends, vintage is a sort of Rorschach test for the fashion tribe. The garment that calls to you says something about who you are, or the person you would like to become.” Traveling Through Time w/ Bianca Turetsky

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